Sensi Foods has its roots back in the 1990s, when our founder, Ben Dronkers, began to appreciate the many benefits of the humble hemp seed.

Since then, we’ve grown to be one of Europe’s most notable hemp experts. We take pride in the fact that all the hemp used in our quality oils, powders and seeds is grown in our own plantations in the Netherlands and Romania.

We Believe in the Power of Hemp

Our mission has always been to open the world’s eyes to the plant-based potential of hemp. Not only delicious to eat, our hemp seeds are also packed full of nutritional value – such as Omega 3, vitamins and minerals, GLA, protein and other fatty acids. We’re focused on challenging perceptions, changing attitudes, and encouraging others to embrace this wonder plant.

Multinational Presence

We began life in the Netherlands, and over time, opened offices in Spain and Romania too. All our hemp seeds are organically grown in our plantations in Romania and the Netherlands – and we’re delighted to report that our products carry the official EU Organic Farming label.

Quality as a Priority

Sensi Foods’ primary goal is to produce the highest quality organic hemp seeds, powders and oils. Our products harness the natural power of hemp, minus any unwanted extras such as added sugar or salt. As for the future? We’re determined to keep spreading the word and helping others to introduce the power of hemp into their lives.